Retirement Planning Programme

 Retirement should not be the end of the road. It should be the beginning of the open highway!

2 Day onsite programme or 4 Day Online Programme (3 Hours daily)

Programme Objective

The programme is designed to prepare participants for retirement drawing on the facilitator’s over 3 decades experience in corporate world and his successful transition to early retirement. It could also assist those already on retirement to take stock of their progress after retirement and to refocus their goals where they are not being achieved.

1.    Pre-Course Preparation

What are your strengths?

Delegates will be asked to obtain feedback from family, friends and colleagues in order to prepare an objective strength list upon which they can focus on to enable the facilitator tailor the training to address the needs of the individuals and empower them with immediate implementable skills & tools. The programme will start by the participants identifying what they would you like to get out of the programme.

2.    Day 1 (Duration 3 Hours)

Day 1 is to enable participant reflect on their life journey to date drawing on Dr Thomas Armstrong’s “Navigating The Twelve Stages of the Human Life Cycle”. This model will be used to identify the participant’s life events that shaped who they and their current realities.

3.    Day 2 (Duration 3 Hours)

Most retirees die early due to their inability to adapt to their new world and reality. As they prepare for retirement, what worked for them in the corporate world might not work for them on retirement. Therefore, it is important for them to understand their strengths, values and the process of change to help them understand what needs to change in their lives as they go into retirement to help them adapt.

4.    Day 3 (Duration 3 Hours)

Setting retirement goals using a retirement Vision Board. We take participants through the development of their individual specific (customized) retirement plan drawing on their strengths and values.

5.    Day 4 (Duration 3 Hours)

Finalisation of the retirement Road Map, identifying and removing blockers and identifying resources needed for the realisation of their retirement goals.

6.    Gift Voucher Offer for 1 to 1 Coaching Session

A follow-up one on one free coaching session will be arranged to check in with the participants on progress made to achieve their retirement plan. This follow-up session will take place 6 months after the Programme.


  • Clear Steps to retirement at your time of choice.
  • Re-assessment of your retirement plan where you have already got one in place or retired.
  • A list of identified resources to deliver on your plan.
  • Additional follow up individual support coaching session to monitor your progress.

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