Career Planning Workshop

This 2 day programme is designed to refocus your life to achieve your life goals. It is designed for those just starting their career, those in the middle of their career, those that want to go on early retirement and those who have reached retirement age. It is tailored made to satisfy participants taking into account their peculiar circumstances.

Day 1

  • Stages of life

We examine the stages human beings go through and map it to participants’ journey to date using Dr Armstrong’s “12 stages of human life cycle”. This is to ascertain the participants journey to day by reflecting on what has worked and what needs to change.

  • Process of change

Change is difficult and to take participants out of their comfort zone, they need to understand themselves, the process of change, the values that drive who they are and how they need to keep those values that work for them and let go those values stopping them from moving forward in life.

  • Vision Board

Participants would be required to document their medium and long term goals in a vision board in whatever form they prefer. This could include diagrams, painting or written vision. This will include family, business, finance, health and any other goal the participants have set for themselves.

  • Steps to get there

For each goal in the Vision Board, participants will be required to determine the steps necessary to achieve their vision.

Day 2

  • What stage of the plan are you and how are you tracking against the plan?

We shall take a critical look at the participants’ current situation to determine if they are at the right stage and if they are behind, what has to be done to bring them up to date with their plans.

  • Likely blockers from you arriving at your destination?

Here we identifying factors limiting participants from achieving their goals with a view to removing the blockers.

  • Resources required: Who and what support do you need in this process?

We determine the support required in the form of knowledge, financial, material and human resources which could include a business plan for business, eating or physical exercise plan for good health and any professional support required to achieve the plan.

  • Your road Map

The participants will work away at the end of the workshop a blue print for the achievement of their goals.

  • One free individual support coaching session post training

To supports the participants’ journey, we shall offer a follow up free coaching session to measure progress towards the goals.