What is your purpose in life?

The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for. – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

This is a question I have asked myself all my life and am still asking it up and until today. How many times have you reflected and asked yourself, why am I here? Some fall back to faith and beliefs. If that works for you, hang on to it. If it does not work for you, it means there is still some work to be done to find your purpose in life. For me, I have found my life purpose that is compatible with my faith and belief. I will share my purpose at the end of this article.

Some have described life purpose as that which makes you wake up and want to get out of bed in the morning. If you believe your purpose is to protect yourself, you wake up every day to do those things that will enable self-preservation. If you are responsible for other people, it means waking up in the morning to provide for them. If you are a security personnel, protecting those in your care. If you are in the frontline during this COVID-19 crisis, it means waking up to take care of the sick. If you are a lover of wealth, it is to wake up in the morning to pursue wealth.

Growing up, my purpose in life was to serve my immediate family by being a good role model and teaching my children to be independent. This is because I have always believed and still believe that family is the bedrock of the society. Loss of family values leads to a dysfunctional society. Look around you and make your own conclusion. However, despite my believe in family, I knew something was still missing. Most especially when I thought I had achieved that purpose. The answer to why I am here was still not answered.

My next step was to extend this belief to not only being responsible to my family but to the society as whole. It was when I started extending my hand and love to other people in the society that I started making peace with myself. To find your life purpose could be difficult, but once you found it, everything you do is aimed at achieving your purpose in life.

My purpose in life has shifted from satisfying myself and my family to love for humanity. This might not be easy to explain but I will try. My love for humanity has led me into coaching and setting up companies with the sole aim of employment creation using the experience and savings I have accumulated over the years despite the risk of losing everything. Some will say I am crazy but I have not been happier in my life despite the uncertainty that lies ahead. That is purpose!

If you are still struggling to identify your life purpose, continue to ask yourself why you are here and what you will like to be remembered for when your are dead. This might require a shift in thinking and asking yourself the tough question of whether what you are doing currently is contributing to your life purpose. If you still cannot find the answer, talk to a coach!

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