The New World Order

If you expected that I will say the new world order is President Donald Trump’s America first policy, China rising domination of international trade, Russia alleged interference in Western democracies or President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey’s military adventure in the Middle East, you are wrong! The new world order is a world that has been taken over by the youth. What the youth protests across the world following from rigged elections, #Blacklivesmatter, #EndSARS, #StopGBV, etc, have in common is that they are being led by youth who are fed up with the leadership of my generation because my generation has failed them despite all the promises of change and hope that things will get better. The youths are ready to take their position in the scheme of things.

Each time these protests erupt, governments promise change and set aside millions and billions of dollars to create jobs or support the youth. This is followed by committees composed of the same old people of my generation who have no clue about the challenges youth face. The youths are sending a clear message to us that enough is enough! It is in our interest and in the interest of everyone for our leaders to listen to them as they fight for their future.

The average age of staff currently working with me is about 25 year and they are not asking for too much. They want to be gainfully employed and are dedicated. We do not keep time in the office. They come into the office when they want or work from home when they feel like but they deliver on their goals. That must be difficult for my generation that is used to clock-in-time ticket as evidence of presence in the office and got paid irrespective of their productivity. Some senior people still go around offices to see if workers are on their desks especially in government offices which has not improved productivity.

Back to the new world order, I spoke to my children today some of who told me that change can only come through the ballot box and I reminded them that I have always encouraged them to register to vote, a civil responsibility which I take very seriously. Previously, they would rather watch television programs instead of registering to vote. Change has finally come!

Governments should create IT hubs and Agricultural settlements with the millions and billions of dollars they set aside which is eventually wasted by politicians who use the funds for political patronage. These facilities should be made available to them free of charge. IT, because Africa cannot afford to be left out of the fourth industrial revolution and Agriculture because, there is huge arable farm lands available on the continent. Our youth are hardworking and are ready to take any opportunities made available to them.

It is time for the youths to take their destiny into their hands by registering to vote to elect people who will look after their interests. This is not the time to be complacent. As it has been demonstrated over and over again, our leaders are not going to give up power through protest and looting which gives them more power to crack down on the populace and perpetuate themselves in power.

Parents should take responsibility for their children as discipline starts from home. If you cannot afford to raise children, do not give birth to them. There are basic supports that must be provided at each stage of a child’s development. If it is not provided at each stage, we end up bringing children into this world that are not prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of them and eventually end up on the streets.

In conclusion, I recommend that “The Time Person of the Year” and the “Nobel Laurette” price for 2020 go to the youth and the prize monies should go to support their struggles.

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