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Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you – John C. Maxwell

I read a post in the social media recently that was widely circulated which says that when you see hawkers hawking their goods by the roadside at a certain price, you should pay the price requested without negotiation as a contribution to assisting to alleviate their plights. The argument is that they are going through difficult times and the “privileged” ones should show empathy because the majority of the hawkers are not as privileged as those who are “successful” in life. It is my view that this type of reasoning is dangerous and is designed to keep the poor permanently poor. There are other ways to assist by empowering these individuals rather than encourage bad practices and behaviours.

I bought a charger recently from a roadside shop run from one of those that can be classified as “hawkers”. When I enquired about the price, the price quoted was so ridiculous that I almost drove off, but stopped because the seller demanded to know how much I was willing to pay. To cut the long story short, I bought it at 30% of the initial asking price but I believe the actual price should be about 15% of the asking price.

The argument put forward by those who circulated the post is that the hawkers are not as lucky those who are successful because their parents could not afford to send them to school, they live is deplorable condition, find it difficult to feed etc. The purpose of this article is not to deny these facts, but to say that in every situation there are choices to be made which is a continuation of my previous article titled: There are no right or wrong decisions, there are consequences.

To give up because of your current circumstances is a choice which makes you. If you made the choice to accept your current circumstances because the alternative is difficult or beyond you comprehension, you remain the person that you are. Very few successful people in the world were born with silver spoons in their mouths. For those with silver spoons in their mouths, someone was responsible for the choice that resulted in the silver spoons. There are several successful people who have narrated how they broke loose from poverty through the choices they made and maybe with some luck for those who believe in it. 

If you are dissatisfied with your current job and you decide to stay for whatever reasons, that is a choice you have made and should live with the consequences. If you are in an unhappy relationship and you decide to remain because of children or other benefits you gain from it, that is what you get. You have a choice to exit such relationship or quit your job and stay at home even if you have not got another job and face the consequences. The consequences of the alternative choice might not be what you envisage. I know of many people that have either changed jobs or quit their jobs without alternative ones and they did not live to regret it. Make a plan!

I have read several books written by John C. Maxwell and each time I read them, I discover something new. The above quote is from his book titled: Talent is never enough. I recommend it to you for further reading and if you still need help, talk to a Coach.

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