The youths are the future of Africa and must not give up. It is sad that everyone seems to have lost hope on the continent called Africa and no one can blame those who think there is no hope for the continent based on the images of disasters we witness everyday and our youth dying in the Sahara desert and Mediterranean sea on their way to find a “better life”.

I am one of those who believe that all hope is not lost for the continent. I decided to write this piece because of my recent encounter. We registered a company to help develop and create employment for our teaming youths on the continent and are in the process of launching a product in Nigeria after launching in South Africa. It is a simple app that links a service provider with a user on the go and allows anyone that has the skills and ability to provide such services and earn income as our contribution to the reduction of unemployment on the continent.

We launched a campaign in Nigeria for service providers to register on the app as we prepare to go live and someone commented that “Who brought up the idea of this advert????, Dead on arrival ????” which prompted my curiosity as I usually avoid responding to such comments. I responded by saying “I am sure skeptics said the same about Uber!” and the response was “hmmmmmmm great point, but we know what happened to the … babysitter who stole the children on the first day of work!!!, Dude didn’t even follow him to give instructions, just pointed and left ????”.

I could have given up at this point but decided not to give up. I responded that “I hear you loud and clear ……… I believe you have got a point. Some of the documents that will be required include Police report, copy of identification which will be verified, proof of residence, reference letter etc. How do we get our teaming youths employed if we write-off everyone cause of one incident? Let’s give it a short! I cry for my country?”. I was pleasantly surprised by the response that I got which was ” I now see this in another light, thanks for educating me”.

We need to engage with youths who have lost hope on the continent. We need to show them the way and convince them that it is possible and can be done. Permit me to repeat my favourite quote by Ayn Rand that “Throughout the centuries there were men who took the first steps, down new roads, armed with nothing but their vision” On a personal note, I left my “lucrative job” to contribute to the continent because I believe in Africa and the fact that only Africans can rescue Africa from the current quagmire. I am fed up with people who sit on the sideline and continue to complain about how bad things are on the continent. I want to be part of the solution.

There are several local businessmen and businesswomen and Africans in diaspora who have returned to the continent to contribute despite the harsh business climate in Africa. As entrepreneurs, we go through several challenges on daily basis but we cannot give up for the sake of the next generation. Africa is here to stay. All indications are that things are changing on the continent for good. We must all make our little contributions to make her a better place to live for us and future generations.

My question to you is “What are you doing to change African narrative?” Please share on this page what you are doing to help to encourage other people who seems to have lost hope on the continent.

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