Some Companies we’ve worked for

Some Companies we've worked for
Some Companies we've worked for
Some Companies we've worked for
Some Companies we've worked for

What We Can Do For You?

1. Assist with behavioural change to help you achieve success in your personal and professional goals.

2. Partner with you to make that shift from point A to B in your endeavour.

3. Work with you on your leadership growth and development.

4. Chart your Career path.

5. Partner with you to help achieve your next promotion.

6. Assist you to settle into your new work role.

7. Help you achieve work-life balance.

8. Work with you to start your dream business while still employed.

9. Retirement plan.

Do You Want to Improve Your Business?

My coaching is aimed at effecting the desired change in individuals’ personal and professional lives, and organisational change and development through integral approach to personal development, leadership development, strategy change and organisational development on the basis that to achieve success, all parts and the interrelationship must be examined

Trusted By

A Banker
A BankerA Banker

Abas had the ability to probe, understand my situation, constructively criticise, challenge my views and allowed me to reach my own conclusion and solutions. This he did with patience, careful articulation and a view to help me be a better leader and professional. Thanks for the guidance thus far Abas and I look forward to more engagements in future

HR Practitioner
HR PractitionerHR Practitioner

Through coaching, Abas my thinking partner and sounding board provided a safe space to find the answers I needed – which always resided with me but through coaching I experienced a new level of questioning which delved into my emotive side, my decision making processes and my default mechanisms.
I have learnt valuable skills and concepts that have now become life lessons. –